This page is the list of recommended videos related to Japanese honeybees. These videos are picked out from my channel and other channels like National Geographic.

Traditional Japanese Honeybee Beekeeping in Kozagawa, Wakayama

Introducing of beekeeping with log hive in Wakayama prefecture, Japan.

Pile box hive for Western bees

Only a few beekeepers keep Western bees in Pile box hive in Japan, mainly when its swarm comes into the hive accidentally. I am not sure if it is going well.

It is hard to treat diseases when a pile box hive is used, it is a huge problem.

I guess you can use Pile box hive when

  • You are keeping Western bee in Skep hive or Log hive
  • There are wild colonies, and they are living by themselves.

I am not sure Pile box hive works in your countries. It depends on the behavior and characteristics of your bees, your style, and your purpose of beekeeping. However, I have found some beekeepers who use pile box hive (many of them call it "Japanese hive"), let me introduce.

Worker bees, eggs, larvae, and pupas of Japanese honeybees. Macro High Definition

Japanese honeybee Queen emerging.