Bees for development in Asian countries

Asian honey bees (Apis cerana) live in many Asian countries.

Keeping honey bees can be a way to earn money in rural areas of developing countries.

Asian bees are kept in a log hive as a side job or a hobby in Asian countries.

Switching from log hive to pile box hive can improve honey production.

Switching from Log hive

The biggest problem with the log hive is that you need to destroy the colony and force out all bees to extract honey.

In that case, you need to capture swarms every spring, so it is not easy to increase colonies.

Except for harvesting honey, The ways of beekeeping of log hive and pile box hive are almost the same.

Switching to a pile box hive from a log hive can increase honey production and income without increasing cost and effort.

In fact, many hobby beekeepers have switched to a pile box hive from a log hive in Japan.

Pile box hive

Pile box hive has a very simple structure. It does not contain any removable frames.

Pile box hive

Langstroth hive

In my opinion, the Langstroth hive is not best for a side business in rural areas because they are small farmers and busy growing many crops.

They do not have time to learn how to use a Langstroth hive and manage bees with a Langstroth hive. (It needs more work to keep bees).

There are many differences between the Log hive and the Langstroth hive. They need someone who teaches beekeeping with the Langstroth hive too. It is not easy to switch to the Langstroth hive.